Coastliner 35 OC
Pollard Coastliner 35 OC
Coastliner 43 AC
Pollard Coastliner 45 OC
Coastliner 38 OC
Pollard Coastliner 38 OC
Coastliner 39 OC
Pollard Coastliner 39 OC
Pollard Coastliner 
Pollard Silence 40OC ns
Proficiat AK
Pollard Silence 43 OC
Pollard Silence 40OC ns

Pollard Silence 40OC ns


Pollard Custom – Oostzee trawler 14.00 impression of the “Baltic Breeze”

Pollard Yacht-Build

For top-quality timeless steel yachts, you go to Steenwijk nowadays. There makes Pollard Yacht-Build, from a brand new property, dream yachts to reality. Ship for ship fully custom tailored. And from the first sketch on paper until the last hand to the paneling you are closely involved in each step. Therefore come along at Pollard Yacht-Build. And find what you were looking for.

Traveling in style and comfort

Coastliner new generation

Traveling in style and comfort

Coastliner new generation

Rugged durability

Pollard boatbuilder is a specialist in the field of exclusive boatbuilder. You notice right away if you step on board one of our ships. Thanks to skilled professionals and an advanced machine park will receive every detail the attention it deserves. Central in this rugged durability, in the finish and in the construction. The latter bears witness to the many yokes work in the length and width. The result: extremely tight hulls. Not for nothing are guaranteed thanks to a CEB seaworthy ships all our verification.

Maximum possibilities

Whether you are looking for a ship for your family or for just yourself and your partner, for Pollard boatbuilder makes no difference. Certainly you all by itself on the classification of your ship. As you can also vary in the luxury of the establishment. How high the bar is our yard, do you notice on the elegant Pollard and the tough Coastliner. And from this year do you notice it also to the brand new Pollard Pollux. A State-of-the-art steel yacht with which you as a dream in speed.

Comprehensive service!

We would like to invite you to our yard to the Elzenbroek 7 in Steenwijk.
There you will experience our comprehensive service and choices.
How knowledge and experience are shared with you.
So for a steel or aluminum yacht at top level visit Pollard yacht-builder!

See you in Steenwijk!

Also have a look at the site of the Pollardvaarders!

Open day Pollardwerf 2015